If you have a startup the difference between living or dying is your traction. For this, to have contemplated the growth model (Growth Model) that you are going to follow is important to be able to reach to climb your business and to reach the vision or goal that you have in the long term, obtaining a profitable model that allows you to continue growing continuously having take into account the difficulties you may encounter along the way and decide how you will overcome them.

Although a product never gets stuck and in the course of success and even after achieving it undergoes several changes, new features, versions, updates are added, among many other things and considering also that there can be a great variety of different business models, you can contemplate a series of elements that are part of a cyclical process that will allow you to maintain a continuous growth to achieve a scalable business and in which profits continue to increase over time.

In yepah we consider in the growth model 3 main factors that will form part of that process which is intended to be kept in a constant iteration over time.

-Business: Businesses are going to award prizes through the platform with which it will offer value to attract the following in the process: Users

-Users: Users are the most valuable to any company that in yepah! it is intended that they play, have fun and win the opportunity to get something of real value through experiences in the awards offered by businesses in the game.

-Experiences / Exchanges: It is what gives value to businesses, giving them opportunities to get new visitors as well as recurring customers and what makes it easier to get new companies that want to join the platform, sharing the experience that others have companies or cases of success.

In this way a continuous process of growth is maintained in which one element pushes the next one and thus continuing the cycle until it can expand to a new market or another geographical area and that process continues to develop again.