Enjoy a magical dinner, have a fun weekend with your friends, or a relaxing spa day by playing in yepah! We give you real experiences in exchange for your fun!

The application consists of several fun minigames in which you can choose a business within a large catalog, play for it and experience the joy of winning prizes focused on your physical well-being, entertainment, events and restaurants or snacks, so depending on the scores you get within the game you can win the prizes of the different participating brands.

The prizes you win can be used or you may also have the option to send them to the person of your choosing so that you can make points with the person you like. You can help the main character of yepah! to fulfill his primary mission. What is it? To grant great gifts in exchange for fun.

The prizes accumulate and you will be able to redeem them by presenting yourself at the business, show them the code that is generated by clicking the prize and you’re ready. You can enjoy your experience and then you can return to play to continue winning as many gifts as you can.

Yepah’s goal is to connect the fun of the virtual world with the real world, making it easier for people who can have fun playing on the cell phone and then go out to live the incredible experiences that are away from home, sharing great moments with the people you love.

The app was selected for an acceleration project in Sillicon Valley, so our purpose is an expansion in different cities of Mexico and in a future abroad. For now it is already available in Guadalajara where you can enter to see what businesses are inside, what prizes you can win and play to get them, or if not, wait and soon it will be in your city.