we can define the viral loop as the cycle that is carried out to have an organic growth using different strategies that will help you to get new users faster and sustainable in the long term without a big investment in acquisition. There are several methodologies that serve as a basis to increase the success of our strategy based on the product and not leave it to chance. How to achieve a repetitive and automatic process with which you can achieve great growth?

A very good reference is the Lean Analytics book that follows the methodology of Lean Startup, which mentions 3 types, which are contemplated so that a product can grow organically by making users who use and enjoy your product can attract to more users in a natural way, facilitating the process and looking for ways to motivate them to do so.

  • Intrinsic: It is that which is part of the product or that is practically necessary to be able to use it. Examples: Facebook is necessary to have friends to have a value / WhatsApp you need to have someone to message.
  • Artificial: It is when you push in a certain way that people send invitations to others through the app rewarding them in a certain way if they do. Examples: Candy Crush to get lives / Dropbox by getting additional free space when inviting friends.
  • Mouth to mouth: It is the traditional mouth to mouth marketing that are the recommendations and positive comments that are made to your friends or other people who are made outside the product.


The following diagram shows the elements of these 3 types of virality and how they are landed to our product in yepah!

In the viral loop we contemplate for yepah! is started when people download the application and go through the first use of it, which analyzes what makes users are hooked in a long term, to work on optimizing it. So they will follow the path until they can appreciate the application enough to invite other people either through sending gifts, recommendations or rewarding them for sharing, this way you will invite others to download the app, which getting together with those who will be exposed to the content we generate through the blog, the website, or any source external to the app will start the cycle again when downloading so that later they also invite more users.

A model of virality will help you define a way to expand you by optimizing your resources and without wasting your money on paid advertising that for most Startups in the early stages of the product go through because there is still no certainty or it is working to obtain an investment or financing, therefore it is difficult or almost impossible to maintain a positive ROI simply relying on large marketing or advertising investments.